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ID of Cuteness
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TOOLS USED: Photoshop CS3, Intuos3 4x6 Tablet


The idea for this came to me one cold 2am morning. I was trying to study for a test when BAM!!! inspiration struck me for a new ID. So this is basically my boyfriend and I

He has a deviantART page ( ) but he hasn't been on his deviantART in a long time. He hasn't updated his gallery in like a year or something either XP But he has some really amazing fractal and vector pieces, so be sure to check out his stuff, and if you're a member on deviantART then maybe you can leave some comments, favorite a few things, etc hahaha I'll tell him to check his page more often

Fun Facts About Us!
*We've been dating since September 20, 2010
*He's a Pisces, I'm a Gemini
*He's Scottish, I'm half black and Honduran
*Video Games brought us together
*He likes German Chocolate Cake, I don't
*His favorite color is purple, mine is green
*He doesn't like the word "fudge", I don't like "moist"
*I like to rub my cheek against his goatee/stubble
*He thinks my nose is cute
*We love each other's scent
*We currently drive the same brand of car: Suzuki
*His car is white, my car is black
*On our first "unofficial" date, we went to Starbucks, saw a movie, then hung out at my apartment
*We kissed for the first time the following night
*He's an Xbox, I'm a Playstation
*He likes comedy, I like horror
*We're from different cities that happen to be 20 minutes apart
*His mom works in the Housing Office at my university
*We Facebook stalked each other before we started dating

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