Hikari the Wolf (Fan Art Portfolio) Hikari Kuroda: Don't Mess With The Wolf!

Hikari Kuroda: Don't Mess With The Wolf!

Yay! New drawing. I amazed myself. The stance turned out great! The fists were tricky though even when I used a reference, but it turned out great. I used a Tifa Lockheart pic for the pose.

Ok. One thing straight people, I AM WELL AWARE HER OUTFIT LOOKS ALOT LIKE TIFA'S! I'm not an idiot because I love Tifa and I know when an outfit looks too much like her's or not. I DID THAT PURPOSELY. Why? Because basically, Hikari Kuroda is ME as an anime character. MY ANIME SELF or ANIME ALTER EGO. Since I love Tifa Lockheart, my fighting uniform is styled like Tifa's. It's like a cosplay type thing with my own flare of style(like the choker, arm warmers, silver sash, etc.). I AM NOT stealing. I GIVE THE RIGHTS TO NOMURA-SENSEI FOR THE DESIGN OF TIFA LOCKHEART'S OUTFIT. And if I ever do become a character designer, I WILL change her outfit cause I don't wanna get sued...>> But until that day comes, Hikari's(god I feel like I'm talking in 3rd person...in a way I actually am...>.>) outfit will remain this way.

Anyway, no one needs to point out that her outfit looks REALLY SIMILAR to Tifa's. It's like a cosplay thing and in the story "Realms of Rebirthing", it's set in the 21st century so my 'alter ego' just got that outfit customized(she my height, so she's a shorty.XD), to look like her favorite Final Fantasy girl character.

Anyway, first time I actually set up a setting background. Not bad for a first try(I think it's my first try). Anyway, she's in the more run down areas of the Realm of Nocturne. Which is why the buildings look shabby and some have broken windows. And no, the ground is not snow, it's just dirt. And on the left side, are parts of branches where a silver tree is just peeking a bit. Obviously, she's standing a good distance away, so the fence looks smaller then it is. Truthfully, the fence is pretty tall(Like high guarded prison fence tall). It's always night in the Nocturne Realm(which explains the realm name).

Ok. So originally, she was frowning, but Hikari Kuroda does not frown unless really serious! During most of her fights she smirks cause she likes toying with her enemies for a bit before finishing them off, which she can do at any time really. She finds amusement in it cause she always gets a rise out of her enemies when she says retort or sarcastic remark and what not(she taunts them too). But she knows when it is and isn't the time to act that way. When she's not smirking...it means you should start running...But you'd be dead anyway...=w=

Oh! And here's the first drawing of her in her 'normal form'. Yes, Hikari Kuroda has 2 surnames. Tasogare: From when she was temporarily adopted by her aunt and uncle Juuri and Hoshimaru Tasogare. But her birth parents Ruka and Kyouskue have the last name "Kuroda". She just chose to have 2 last names. Anyway, "Sakura" isn't her name. It was actually Ruka's most bad suggestion for a name until Juuri named Ruka's daughter something more suitable: "Hikari". Why was Ruka's suggestion bad? Cause it didn't really suit or fit her daughter at all. So Juuri to the rescue!X3 Anyway, so yeah, that's kinda the reason I put the name "Sakura" on the top of the first drawing. Here it is.

Hikari Kuroda Anime Self First Drawing Normal Form 1

Hope all of you liked this!


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