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blue magic

Another design for my El Filibusterismo summary notebook.

I was too lazy (and I didn't have so much time) to cut colored papers and match the blue paper I pasted on my notebook. I decided to use my drawing skills (?) as design.

I used Kaede Minami from Mirumo De Pon! in chibi form, holding a book and seem to use magic.

The title "blue magic" is derived from a well-known store that sells high-quality and very cute plushies (with corresponding names) here in the Philippines. I hope I can buy one soon!


Even though this is a work that drawn because "I had no more choice", its didn't stop me from thinking why I drew Kaede like that. Her pose along with the book and magic coming out like that is copied from what I submitted for an assignment. The assignment had the question: "After reading the story (Anne Frank), draw you perspective about life [before] reading the story and [after] reading the story."

My interpretation of the story is that life is something magical. Even though the Franks did not have a happy ending, I somehow had the vision of innocence during the times they were still hiding in Amsterdam. I put my focus in Anne Frank.

I am very impressed with Anne Frank. Despite having the senses of the cruelties of war surrounding them, she still had her own childish innocence. Its amazing to imagine that a book (her diary) contains all of Anne: her daily rants, her dreams, ambitions and many, many more interesting stuff. Despite those two years, Anne matured enough but still keeping her childish personality (which is innocence). Its very magical and quite very emotional.

Its a coincidence that the paper's color is blue. With Kaede holding the book and magic coming out, it represents "hope". Hoping for things to turn out alright, just like in the book.


Dedicated to Bleachic. Hope you like it! ^^

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