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Alex Dawson
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this is a re-do of my OC Alex....i actually did this like a couple of months ago but i've never been able to submit it here -_-*
it was always to big

anyways here is her profile(ish) again

Her name is Alex Dawson and is Marluxis'a younger sister but she isn't a Nobody. When she was young (like maybe 5 or 6) she was about to die but Marluxia sacrificed his heart to save her. Alex likes to wear her leather jacket that has a hood, a white v-neck shirt, a necklace with peacock feathers, gray skinny(ish) jeans, brown boots and a bracelet that you can't see in this pic ;P. She has a pet wolf named Donatellothat can speak/transfer his thoughts to her through telepathy (but it only works on Alex). Alex has to hide her identity for reason's she doesn't know (im not going to spoil the story.....for when i write it). The only people(ish) that know who she really is is Marluxia and Larxene. Larxene is one of Alex's best friends and is friends with her because of Marluxia.

im too lazy to type more so this is it for now ;P

oh and if you know/ have an idea on where i got Alex's last name, tell me on the comments and i'll make you a drawing and something else

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
alex, kh, kingdom hearts, larxene, marluxia, oc
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