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Xyran-My OC
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...Yeah, I was just gonna name him Xbob, buut....

Name: Xyran(Somebody name: Ryan)

Age: 27

Weight: 129 lbs(No, he's not anorexic, he's just girly)

Height: 5ft 2 in(...And short)

Weapon: His headband... It can turn into a cattle prod-y looking lazer(resists urge to scream "IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER!")

Ability: He can control life and death(Although he never uses it to kill because he's a chicken and only brings allies back to life)

Well, he has two sides of his personality:
One side is really shy. Like, painfully shy. He's also really kind, and likes to focus on the good in people instead of the bad. He doesn't mind that people always think he's a female and instead punishes himself for looking so feminine in the first place.
The other side is similar to Saix's beserk side, except in Xyran it's brought on by when he is reminded of his traumatic Somebody life... basically he shows no mercy to whoever offended him and the offender is lucky if he is able to survive the next fifteen minutes. This side of him is basically polar opposites of his normal side and he hates himself for even having a dark side.

Position in his Organization: He mainly does recon, sits around, and sulks(Somewhat like a lazy version of Demyx -__-). The only reason he hasn't been kicked out of his Organization is because he is in a relationship with the leader, Lixada

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