Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) -Insert Tadase's Laugh Here-

-Insert Tadase's Laugh Here-
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For everyone who's watched the ANIME of Shugo Chara, you'd know what Tadase Hitori's laugh sounds like when he character changes with Kiseki. You know his Ruler of All triumphant laugh? Yup. I was thinking of that when I drew this. Imagine me laughing like that! XD

I went and burned a small village this past weekend >:3 It was quite fun!
We let most of the townspeople escape. Most. XDD

Ahaha this was sooo much fun to draw!! It makes me laugh so hard when I look at it! Started the sketch.... Monday I believe. This was my first time drawing both a "mentally deranged-looking" picture, and also my first time drawing this big of a picture, the kind that has overlapping images. I hope I accomplished the effect I wanted!

Ok before you get the wrong idea, lemme tell ya the background. X3
So this is basically a representation of a text conversation that Jacob, my cat furry friend, and I had this weekend. He was kinda making me mad, so I went off and started setting a small town on fire to vent my frustration. And then he started helping me, lighting Molotov cocktails and throwing burning branches and such. Good times, good times.

The reason I'm wearing a crown and he looks like a jester, is part of an inside joke. Basically I was bored, so I called him a Jestercat and ordered him to entertain me, and he called me Queencat, and it went from there. I now run a small kingdom as the supreme and sole monarch, and he's the court jester, obviously. There's occasionally uprisings from the local resistance forces who call themselves the Rebelcats. I think Jacob's secretly on their side... >.>

Of course, purple for my ruff because it's my favorite color. Purple and red for his jester outfit because those're his stripe colors.

I got freakin' tired of coloring by the time I got to the burning village and the flames behind me, so that's the reason they look so horrible XD Hey, we DID destroy the village, so it makes sense to look bad, doesn't it? ^~^;

Okay, now for the things I know are wrong. My eyes and mouth are SO offcenter... it's really bugging me OTL and one hand is smaller than the other. I accidentally inked the two ears differently, too. I'm sure the crown is not geometrically correct, and the town of course isn't either. I can't do backgrounds to save my life XDDD;;;
Jacob's eyes look slightly strange O.e' and it looks like his ear is coming out of his hat. :1

FYI, I decided that his left hand was extended toward you, so I tried to do perspective and all. Also I didn't draw our torsos, just our hands and shoulders, I think it'd look too busy if I had done so.

First time that I CHOSE to omit my freckles! Just thought to mention that.

Things I really like about it! I love how the overall effect came out. It's like I can practically hear the flames crackling and Tadase-kun laughing his head off. X) I also think I did pretty well (for me, at least) on the hands! :D

Also I like how the bells came out, and the stick that's on fire >w< It looks like a stick of course, but I think it came out well!

WHEW! I think that's all I have to say.

~Neko-chan =^~^=

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