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Essence of Purity
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Ok, so I thought I'd enter this challenge because.. well, I liked the concept of it. lol HIGH RES!

So this is what I came up with. orz I hope it fits with the theme. The first thing I think when I hear innocence and purity is angels, babies, etc, but I wanted to diverge from that and try something else. The guy (yes it's a guy) came out a bit too feminine but I guess I'm too used to drawing effeminate looking guys xD *clears throat* Anyway, one side is slightly darker while the left side is light and shining. The light is trying to reach him. The point is to keep someone from falling from innocence, even though it's inevitable eventually. In this way, he would be pure forever.

I worked on it a few hours last night and then finished in the morning since I have a snow day. More sai and coloring practice ^^; I worked really hard on the style, so I'm proud of it ^^ He started looking like a mix of my oc's Draik and Amadeus. (I need to draw more Amadeus >.>;)

Hopefully it'll go through, considering the condition my net's been in lately ;3;

I hope you like it!

Hugs/favs/comments are highly appreciated! :D

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