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Mermaid concept art

Ever since I was a kid and saw The Little Mermaid for the first time, I've simply adored mermaids. I'd watch the movie at least 5 times a week (which drove my parents up the wall because they had to watch it with me since we only had one TV, which was in the living room). I think some of my first drawings were of mermaids, too - well, you wouldn't call those mermaids, since they were so crappy you'd think someone cut off a girl's (wait is that thing even a girl?!) legs and stuck a pipe to her torso.

This drawing was made because I made a promise to myself, one that I hope to keep from now on: every night, before bedtime, I'll sit in my bed with the headphones in my ears and draw whatever I'm inspired to draw by whatever song I hear. Often, the drawings don't match the lyrics/message of the song but hey, it's what I get from the song. I listened to a few songs when drawing this, but don't remember which D:

This is the original size of the drawing. I scanned it at a higher resolution, which is why the lines are so thick. Yeah, I usually draw stuff this small, with a lot of tiny details - it really does look better on paper, since the scales are blown up when scanned and look sloppy.

But I've gotten sidetracked (again). After finishing this drawing and looking at it, I thought of something: what if merfolk were androgynous? This way they could attract both men and women, not only sailors (like the legends say - yes, I know it's mostly sirens that do this, but mermaids do it as well). Wouldn't they be more evolved this way, being able to capture more prey?

I know there's buttz in the image, but I still haven't figured out how to place the reproductive organs and all (I'm still researching mermaid reproduction, lol). And I love long tails! One think I didn't like in The Little Mermaid was that Ariel's tail bent as if she was just a human wearing a tail costume - like this -, it's as if she had knees. I'm an adept of the H2O: Just Add Water approach, with the mermaids being unable to stand properly because of the bone assignment - which is what is supposed to be like, if you think about it.

Also, this is nightmare fuel but oh-so-awesome.

Wow, I end up ranting so much when submitting fan art XD Thank you in advance for the views/comments/hugs/favorites, they're very appreciated!~

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