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Meme~! :D
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From that meme challenge. I just felt like doing it since...I like doing memes...>:D


I did it in colour 'cause I wanted to colour Klan and the similarities thing is mostly based on the colour...soo...

I drew Park Jung Min since I've been listening to Not Alone for liike 3 hours now...'orz

And Axel was fun to draw...even though I know nothing about him or his personality...O.o;

I drew Abyss's hair really short the first time I drew him on here...O.o; I don't know why...and I didn't want to fix it...

And I tried drawing Naoko Takeuchi and myself in her style...but I think it's a fail...'orz

Also that first part was because I got G-Dragons' G-Market Party stuck in my head, specifically that part. And E sounds like G...XD My real name starts with an E.

And the clapping part is from Teen Top's Clap 'cause I LOVE that part~! I drew Klan, finally~! :D He's very delicious, neh? >:]

Meijching Niau's clothing style was actually inspired by shibuya-kei...in fact I think I was inspired by what Toshiko Koshijima wore in capsule's retro memory. But Bao started her creation 'cause I wanted somebody with that colour scheme and a hat, but not a huge hat like his...O.o;

And the second part wasn't something because I talk a lot, that was just what I wanted to say about that question (I didn't get to finish it all...I had more points). But I guess that proves the point of me talking too much...'orz

My hands aren't really that big and my arms aren't really that long. I actually have very small hands and short arms...so...O.o; I dunno what happened here.

I think I should stop talking and commenting now...XD

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