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Join Me In Death

Edit: moar details!

Dedicated to everyone who has has wished me a happy birthday and has supported me all this time! This is dedicated to all those awesome people who (almost religiously) comment on my stuff, even though I don't always comment on theirs. And it seemed fair, after getting all those lovely gifts, to give you something in return.

GIF of the work process I noticed it's a growing trend, and it's the best way to show what I did, so I made one too :] I'm sorry that you have to download it to see it, but it's almost 3 MB and Photobucket shrunk it >_< Couldn't find another image host that'd let me upload files this big.

Btw, Atsumi is the guy on top (heh) and Sakuya's the bottom (heh again). He's wearing that BDSM gear because he plays the role of an S&M queen sometimes XD Hence the dialogue in the original manga page.

What was difficult:
- cleaning up the image. I first used some filters to up the contrast and all, but in the end I had to resort to manually cleaning it because there were too many artifacts; I re-painted all the white parts, since the black ones aren't visible anyway (you can't tell if they're pixelated or not);
- making the background. I tried a lot of methods to blend the original circle into the image but it just didn't look good, so I had to switch to something else.

What I rebuilt: all the white parts, Atsumi's left hand, Sakuya's hands.

Original manga page.
Roses on the bottom.
Circle (yeah, it's their background)
Color palette - I've seen others post theirs, so here I go :D These are the basic colors I used, they're different because I also used filters and various blending modes on them.

Other details
PSD file size / Number of layers: 6.45 MB / 43
Painted (and, in some places, vectored) by me.
Title inspired by the H.I.M. song Join Me In Death. I don't like this song too much (one of my least favorites from their discography), but the title fits.

...But seriously, you should watch the progress GIF to know more about this, I can't do anything better than showing you what I did :]

Thank you very much for continuing to support me, even if you just view my works; it still means I caught your interest for a moment ^_~

P.S. Feel free to use this as a base for cards/icons/etc. if you want, but make sure to credit me for it! PM me if you need a version with no background.

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