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Soo I was talking to my best friend about some different things we want do this year, and thinking of how awesome I want this year to be for us. Due to various things, we haven't seen eachother for a few weeks, and we still have 2 1/2 weeks to go before we get together ;_; Buuuut it's gonna be an EPIC WEEKEND when we get together!! We are registering together for the DISNEY COLLEGE INTERNSHIP to wait and see if we can get into that for this fall semester ^____^ And then we are doing NARNIA WEEKEND: a big sleepover party (either at my apt, or our other bff Dai's house) with ice cream and everything fun you could imagine-- all with the main event being to watch the first 2 narnia movies, and then go see DAWN TREADER in theatres the next morning ^_________^ Ohh man, it is gonna be greeeeat :D :D :D

Because I was thinking this way, about the great things to come, and how amazing I want this year to be for us, and all of that, I decided I had to draw my best friend and I being way cute and ready to take on the world <3 This is the epic that ensued :D

[ for those who are wondering why i have not posted anything lately, when i had been posting pretty regularly for a little while: my laptop got a virus and I can only access the other side of my laptop (it's a dual system- my GIMP is on the side with the virus) and i cannot use that side til my dad can get over here to fix it ;_; I have figured out how to get into the basic GIMP he put on this side, but it does not aknowledge my scanner, so I couldn't upload until i found the separate scanner system thingy on this linux side, and then I can mess around with color but I do not have any of my brushes..... so for now, i am gonna post my new drawings, and maybe color them, but I cannot work on wallies or cards of the presents for my challenge, SORRY!! ]

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2011, badass, epic, memories, new year
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