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See, I'm only mostly dead. It happens.

I don't know how many of you people played BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins but this is a fanart for that. I know, I did a fanart. I did a fanart for a fanfic...that I write. The world is ending.

Run down of the game: called Origins because there are six origins to choose from (human noble, dwarf noble, mage, dwarf commoner, city elf, elf Dalish elf but you don't know what that is unless you played). I started each origin as a female, only finished two play throughs. My human noble, Jae Cousland, was my first. My city elf, Nia Tabris, was my second. I missed so much stuff with Jae but I still love the human noble origin best. Anyway, you pick an origin and by some form or another you end up a Grey Warden just as a new Blight is starting. Blights are really bad. Grey Wardens are really good. Easy enough.

The story this guy is from is called Archaic. It was a practice start point for writing other people's characters, since come January I'll have to do a massive amount of EPIC work. And I needed to write but not write the MI saga or Rebels. Needed a break. So this. Yes. Some is in game stuff, others behind the scene stuff.

Split image because they story is about who you were born, and who you were born to be. On the right; Almeric Cousland (who I have yet to create or play). On the left; Robin Conifer. They're the same person, just different halves.

Almeric was born the second child of Teyrn Bryce Cousland. He led a privelage life, and as second born he didn't feel the pressures of politics as much as his older brother did. When Fergus marries an Antivan (foreign country lady) the noblity is a little offended. Suddenly they whisper about Almeric succeeding Bryce, and there is a sneaky push for him to marry the daughter of his father's great friend, Arl Rendon Howe. Almeric's life is left in shambles due to betrayle.

Adopting the alias Robin Conifer, he becomes a Grey Warden. His goal is to end the Blight quickly so he may return home with his brother to rebuild what was lost. But more betrayle leaves only he and his friend Alistair alive to stop the new Blight.
Seriously, go play the game.

The Grey Warden and Cousland heraly both had a blue field. The Grey Warden heraly was a gryphon, the Cousland heraldy a vol (wings). Blood on both halves since it was a bloody start to one life, and a bloody end to the other.

Almeric's clothes are BioWare's design. So is his hair. He has black hair because his family all had really dark, if not black, hair. I gave him green eyes like his mommy's. Eleanor was awesome. His skin is lighter as Almeric because he had the comfort of a roof over his head. As Robin he sleeps outside rain or shine. Robin's armor is BioWare's design. His hair was me just randomly scribbling. I made it shaggier because he doesn't have the luxury of trimming it often. He also has some dark circles under his eyes because he doesn't sleep as much or often as he used to. He grew up with a great respect for the Ash Warriors, and breifly trained with them, so as Robin he wears kaddis.

Funny fact with names; Almeric was going to be a prince in this story idea I had that was loosly Fable based. I opted for a princess so the name was transfer here. While toying with the idea of Almeric adopting an alias, what sealed it was the premier of Young Justice. Robin is named after Robin...because I'm a Batman geek. And love the birds.

Dedicated to Unforgiven Elite for suggesting DA:O. See you all next year!


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