itsumademo (Fan Art Portfolio) Innocence--Character Reference

Innocence--Character Reference

This is a little character reference i did inorder to use this OC for contests, point gifts, etc.

This is my OC Innocence.

She is the main character from a story idea of mine titled 'Joining of the Damned'(she can be seen with my other main character in a drawing of mine with the same title). She is a serial killer who works part time as a self employed prostitute and part time as a waitress in the cafe of a bed and breakfast. She came from a very weathly family--blue blooded-- but has been an orphan since 14 years old, killed her own family--hey, she had her reasons.

Her life is horribly tragic and screwed up.

She loves comfy, plush things, she has tons of pillows and stuffed animals in her home. She also loves tea and plants. Knit clothing is one of her favorites. She always wears something around her neck to hide an old scar and always something on her wrists/forearms to hide old scars(she has more than just those scars). She most often wears something cutesy to show her more childish nature--example: a panda bear chop stick, hat with eyes on it, sushi necklace, etc. Has never cut her hair in homage to her family, always wear it in some interesting way--ribbons, bows, chopsticks, hairpins/clips, headband,etc. ALWAYS wears the two hair pins in her bangs, gifts from her eldest brother and butler(like a dad to her).

She is 19 years old, changed her name to Innocence when on her own as her real self was presumed missing and then dead. Full faux name is Innocence Noelle Careen. Her hair is blood red (hence the family homage) and her eyes are grey. Her real name is secret.

That's all the info i'm going to give on her.

I really love her story and character!

This shows some of my practice for my new style, however i have yet to practice hands, feet, faces, and facial features so sorry for the stupid eyes and such BAD FACIAL EXAMPLE T-T i tried to do a somewhat updated one. Nice improvements though, i think, yes? Yes.

Art (c) Me
Innocence and story (c) MINE MINE MINE!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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