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Your Tea Is Ready.
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Sebastian Michaelis: the perfect gentleman. ;D

Ugh, sorry about the re-submission. I had meant to put it into this challenge but I totally forgot. I don't like putting stuff up twice. ;-; *wishes there was an option to put existing work into a challenge*

Just started reading the Kuroshitsuji manga yesterday. It's pretty cool (not my favorite though), but Sebastian is what makes it awesome. Sorry to all you fans out there, but Ciel seriously annoys me. Not really sure why, though...

Anyways, I tried a few new things with this: I shifted my style a little to go for the same look the manga-ka gives him and did multicolored lineart. If you look carefully, the lines on the roses are red, the curtains purple, etc. Also a new thing about this: this is probably the first piece of art I've ever done completely on my laptop. I think it's an achievement. :D

Things I learned:
-Sebastian is a pain to draw. I TOTALLY FAIL'D.
-Roses are easy, fun, and look great, although they take FOREVER.
-Lace is the bane of my existence.
-Super-gothic pictures are fun and strangely make me happy. Is something wrong with me?

Hope you all like it! As always, comments are loved. You guys have no idea what they mean to me!

Photoshop cs2 - 5 hours (probably half that time on the roses) - Spent the whole time listening to Bach's Cello Suites. <3

Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
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A Perfect Gentleman
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