Creme Of Rolo (Fan Art Portfolio) You Left Me In The Darkness

You Left Me In The Darkness
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America paused. "I know... I don't want to leave you in the dark. A hero never leaves others behind in darkness. But... At this time, I don't think I can bring you into the light with me... We have to wait. Now, if Canada finds us together, he's going to flip his lid again..."

Russia's eyes started to water, ". . .you -will-. . .pull me out of the darkness again. . .someday. . .da? You'll come back?" He asked softly.

America nodded. "Someday, I will. I promise that I will. I'll come back. Now's not the time... I'm ... I'm sorry..."

". .don't forget you promised. . ." The Russian leaned in and kissed the other, softly, seeing if Alfred would take the risk to kiss back.

America kissed back, breaking the kiss for only a moment to say, "I won't forget," and kissed Ivan again, softly, but meaningfully.

Ivan stroked the other's hair gently and finally broke the kiss after a near 60 seconds, ". . .Don't. . .ever forget," With that he pulled away and put a hand on the corner wall before giveing America a sad smile, and then walked away.


I'm so proud of this painting.
Ivan Braginsky (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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