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When you can live forever...
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ok this took me all in all about 3 hours :S give or take an hour xD lmao ok lots of detail ;] theres lots of hidden meanings so to save you time ill tell you them xD

1: Diamonds, theres lots of diamonds scattered around in this picture (the shape not the stone) althought because they share the name they have the same meaning to me the diamonds show a femenine side also its a mature shape rather than hearts everywhere

2: Arch Window, theres a few things on the arch
2a: The window says HELL at the top in an upside down heart shape that looks like its falling like a tear drop
2b: theres a few shades of stain glass in the window to make it interesting
2c: if you look closley the carpet and the window together look like a tear drop or a drop of blood and the vampiress is sat in the middle showing she is trapped in this eternal sadness

2d: the window is the sorce of light in the picture if you look at the stones on the wall the shadows move around in a direction that shows the window being the light also the shadow from her chair makes it slightly more obvious

3: Vampiress, She has big sad eyes and the comment at the bottom is meant to make you think that yes she can live forever but she doesnt like being able to live for ever its more like she is trapped

4: Victim, yeah he looks a little like Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborn but its not, i would physically die if it was xP yes that would be like MY hell nah its just his face kept messing up so i gave him Bels hairstyle he obviously had a struggle with the vampiress also it looks like he only has one arm xD lmao its trapped between their bodies mk? lmao xD just thought i should clear that up.

5: the spider shows its rather creepy xP also this is supposed to look gothic and traditional xP dunno if it worked :S im trying out a new stlye so thats why they have very long thin limbs and spikey fingers xP

6: The Steps, these show the vampiress is on a higher up hierachy than any one else who might live with her ;] also her tiara shows she is of importance (& the throne)

7: the wings, everyone knows vampires are based on vampire bats so i gave her torn & creepy bat wings to add to the effect ^^ Enjoy please like it xD

anyway i might colour it depends how much longer it is till the challenge ends xP anyway i might draw another one making the guy be a vampire too xD i dont want him to die! Dx lmao anyway this was really fun to make ^^ (the shadow messed up xD)
Thankies ;]

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