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Stars: Welcome to my World
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Ta~dah! I don't know how many people would actually want to hear more about me here on theO, but I've been challenged and I found it really interesting and fun to do. So thank you, FUNimation ^^ (Also it was really nice to read about you in your example and also about the other people who submitted.)
So I did my best, even though I almost missed the deadline (sorry for submitting in the last day). This has been waiting for me to finish it since 08/28/2010, can't believe almost 3 months passed since then... And it still looks emptyyy...
And I apologize in advance for the very long description...

[ Hi-res @ DeviantArt ]


First of all, myself as a human being. I am 100% European and no, not proud of it (just in case you were expecting something like that). My skin is very light and because I hate summer/heat/sunbathing and 'cause my blood pressure is not compatible with a sunny summer day, my skin never overcomes the "light" level.

I'm short (and mean, because "short" always comes with "mean").

I have small eyes and their color is... well... doubtful (ya think it's the wrong word? ‘cause I don't). You see... they're supposed to be hazel, BUT depending on the light (and all the other factors) they are sometimes fully brown or fully green. A friend told me that when I cry a lot, my eyes are green.

I used to have kinda long brown hair, wavy (just a bit, only that little amount that's necessary to ruin every single hairstyle) but I got a haircut this summer. And I dyed my hair black. So now it's short. And black. And rebellious. And I like it this way.

The clothes: Now what I'm usually wearing... hmm... I like T-shirts and pants; I hate girly clothes.
-a red T-shirt, because I love red and I love wearing red, although I do wear other colors too.
-the pants: I actually have those pants (I love them, they're my fave), but they're 3/4, so I rarely wear them when I go out ^^" (I freak out if I have to wear something other than long pants)
-the thing on my hand/arm is a scarf I own & like (the scarf I'm talking about it's actually black with white cannabis leaves) - I wore a wet scarf wrapped on my hand like that the whole summer because it was too hot;
-the necklace with the star pendant: I do not own one, but I want one (and I'm going to get one), because I like it and stars are what represent me the best.


Okies, that's me. Now my character, personality, hobbies and things I like/dislike (actually love/hate). [sarcasm]See? Only a bit and I'm done ^^[/sarcasm]

I'm the "I do what I want to do" type of person. The one you hate the most. I'm mean, sarcastic and cold to strangers. I hardly open to someone, unless I think I can trust them and that's hard, because it takes a lot for me to trust someone. But once you become my friend, you discover a sort of second person. I don't have dual personality, I'm just acting different around friends. When I'm with my friends, I like goofing around and I talk a lot too much. I'm a sadist and my jokes might get to a gruesome level.
I always knew that deep inside I'm a person with high self- esteem and recently one of my friends told me I'm a narcissist. So... umm... yeah...
But I can be nice too. (now who's gonna believe that after everything I wrote?)

What I like/love: (they are all connected in a way or another so it's really hard to just enlist them.)
* Ahhh my lovely precious guitar (and amp). I don't know if I'll ever be a professional guitarist, but I do hope that I won't ever let it go.
* On the guitar and amplifier there's a "Stars" label. I replaced the label of my guitar/amp with my name, because I thought it'd look cool. Plus it's some kind of signature, not just my nickname :)
* The orange lines are a metaphor for sounds and they are related to my favorite bands
* When I said "guitar" I was not only talking about my instrument, but the sound of guitar as well. I have to listen everyday to the sound of guitar. It just makes my heart beat <3

* Ahh I love so many things about Japan that I don't even know where what to start with... It's not a thing I love, it's my dream.
* First of all I l-o-v-e japanese, there's no word to describe how beautiful I think it is. (I love this language so much I'm learning it by myself.)
* Another thing that I like about Japan is japanese culture.
* The music: not only JRock/JPop, but the traditional music as well.

* I can't live without my music, I just have to have it everywhere I go. I wanted to write "music" instead of "JRock", but this is the main genre I listen to. I listen to some JPop as well, but rock is my main, since I've been a rocker for many many years. Some of my favorite bands: alice nine., SID, THE KIDDIE, Megamasso, Kra, SuG, 12012, Ayabie, Ap(r)il, Nightmare, KAT-TUN.

* Now this is a bit difficult. I love watching anime, reading manga and drawing. But I've had a tough year starting March 2010 and I didn't have the time and mood to do all these like I used to do. But that doesn't mean I do not love them anymore.
* There's an "Otaku" flag, next to the Japan one ^^

* I've become obsessed with Jdrama. I've watched around 450 eps so far. Some of my faves: Bloody Monday, Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan, Gokusen, LIAR GAME, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Nobuta wo Produce.
* I really didn't know how to include this one in the fanart, so I represented my love for Jdrama/Jmovies through the sky painting on the wall, since my favorite Jmovie is Koizora (Sky of Love)

* Night is my most creative time. I don't like silence (if it's too quiet I'm bored and I start talking/singing) but because at night is quiet, I can concentrate on the things I like to do. I can write and listen to music without people around or the noisy cars outside. Also I can listen to the songs I want to play and concentrate on guitar parts, as I hear them better.
* Inspiration strikes me at night.

* Well it might be obvious *points at username* but I still have to mention it: I love stars. Now this is literally and metaphorical at the same time, because I love both the real stars and the shape.
* Stars have a special meaning in my life. Whenever I look at stars, I think of my friends. Most of my friends are far away now.

* There are sheets flying around in the fanart. The text ones are actually some paragraphs from my newest book.
* I started writing stories several years ago, because I realized it's the only way I can express my feelings. I can never say how I feel, unless I put everything behind my characters.

* Just like the text sheets, there are my own drawings. I love drawing. I'm trying to improve both my traditional and digital art.
* The digital one [Yuuta] is one of my recent ones: a chara from the book I was talking about earlier.
* The sketch [Shunkashuutou] is one of the sheets that I keep in my folder, no matter where I go. I'm really attached to that file, because on the back I wrote the lyrics of "Shunkashuutou" by Alice Nine, one of my favorite songs (I named that drawing after the song)

* I'm an animal lover
* I have a calendar like that one with animals in my room, right in front of my desk. The entire fanart represents myself, so I encircled my birthday on the calendar (December the 16th).

* I love all the felines. They're elegant and dangerous at the same time.
* Tigers are my favorite animals.
* Also cats/tigers represent my personality, which is why for a very long time my nickname was "wild cat" (and no, not in a perverted way)

* I just love winter. I'm a winter person, not only because I was born in December, but I like cold places.
* I like watching the snow falling down, to me it is synonymous with tranquility, probably because of Vivaldi's Winter, which I love as much as I love the season itself.

* I think that red/black it's the perfect combination.

* I love reading (fave authors: Serge Brussolo, Stephen King, Michael Crichton)
* On the blue book it's written Stephen King, in case it's too small to read ^^

What I dislike/hate:
* Sure sure sure... everyone lies. Even I do. There are those small innocent lies and that kind of lies that we say so we can protect the ones we love. BUT I don't like liars and I prefer my friends to be sincere. I prefer them to tell me the truth, no matter what. And if I'm doing something wrong, I prefer being told about it, so I can do the right thing next time. If they don't like something, I don't want them to say they do.

Summer/Hot days
* I can't stand the heat. If it's too hot I feel dizzy and my eyesight becomes blurry.
* I don't like summer because:

1. my friends leave
2.1. no school=long boring days (that was still valid until my high school graduation)
2.2. long boring days. This time not because there is no school, but it's too hot and I can't get out of my house till 9PM => I have to stay inside for far too long
3. it's too hot, even at night and I can't sleep at all => I'm really tired.

* I have both insectophobia and arachnophobia. I like spiders in pics and certain design things, but I'm afraid of real ones, no matter how big/small they are. And I don't like butterflies at all.
* See below the reason for the pink butterfly...

* I never liked pink. I didn't like it as a kid either because "It's too girly" (haha yes, I've been thinking like that since I was little).

* Yes, people who don't like sweets DO exist. And I'm one of them. I drink my tea with 0% sugar. I don't eat cakes (when I do, it's a miracle/special occasion).


My Name/Nickname
Stars is my main nickname, as well as half of my username. I don't use my real name on the internet. Actually I hardly use my name in the real life >>||| (I'm still ashamed that I almost said "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Stars!" to one of my mom's cousins...)
I chose to represent "My Myx" through a room, since my room is the place I spend most of my time, so it's like my own world ^^ Therefore: "welcome to my world".
I see that my entry is quite different from the others ^^" I hope I didn't messed up the whole idea with my room theme... O.O


Everything except for the butterfly (which is a brush) and text (different fonts) was done from scratch, either sketched on paper, then vectorized on computer, or directly drawn in PS using the Pen Tool and basic brushes.

I put the things I dislike/hate in a box, because I want to lock them, so I don't have to deal with them.
I used my own guitar and amp as reference when I drew them :) (there's a pic of them somewhere in my Shunkashuutou world, if needed)
I got the flying sheets idea from a pic with Mao from SID ^o^

There are stars and falling snowflakes, but unfortunately the stars can be seen only in the high resolution version (which is here, on DA at 4200x3500). Stars are really important to me, but I couldn't include the winter item in the fanart in any other way...

I've used some of my other fanarts: (I hope I didn't break any rules... I thought it's ok to use them, since they're mine anyway)
* the calendar tiger
* the tiger on the wall
* Yuuta sheet
* Shunkashuutou sheet - sketch

The fonts I used:
* Alice Nine ::: One Fell Swoop
* Ayabie ::: Palace Script
* kagrra, ::: Bickham Script
* KAT-TUN ::: Tahoma
* Kra ::: Toledo
* Megamasso ::: Berlin Sans
* SID ::: Monotype Corsiva
* SuG ::: Vivian
* THE KIDDIE ::: Berlin Sans
* Koizora ::: Lucida Sans
* Otaku ::: Hobo
* Stars ::: One Fell Swoop
* -welcome to my world- ::: Edwardian Script


Details about work:
If I had to guess I'd say 15-20 hours.
Started on (as my PS doc says): 8/28/2010
Finished on: 11/20/2010

Full work at 4200x3500 (available for download) - I'm persistent because there are many details that can't be seen at theO's size limit... for example the stars among the snowflakes, the calendar, the amp(!)


At last:
Dedicated to FUNimation: Great challenge, and even though you randomly invited people, thank you ^^

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