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Osugi and Hands

Just watched Eden of the East over the four day weekend I had last week. The ending didn't make much sense to me, but there are two movies that follow, so that should help...

I have to say, the first episode was one of the weirdest I have ever seen, but they have to hook you somehow, right? Lot's of things annoyed me, especially the part with the "Johnny Hunter". There were too many coincidences and it's like when a movie ends with a person waking up from a dream. It's like the writers made you care and think something was one thing for an entire 3 hours and then flipped you off at the end. Despite that, something held my interest, but I'm not entirely sure what...

The characters weren't nearly as likable as Baccano, but my favorite by far is Osugi. I got really mad reading the comments on youtube, because apparently no one likes him. He's the only one who uses actual logic and doesn't go along with naked terrorists!But I digress....

The hands don't symbolized anything, if your wondering. People seem to shoot things a lot with finger guns, so that's where his "wings" came from, but that's about it. I wanted to draw a picture with a bunch of hands, so with the "wings" it seemed slightly more cohesive.

BTW, if it looks like a cross, it's not supposed to be. I will probably never put any religious symbols in any art I ever draw. I don't believe that I can accurately put any religion to symbol, and basically I believe that I should never talk about race, religion, or politics because someone's gonna get pissed off. I just avoid conversations like that altogether.

Eden of the East Fan Art
eden of the east, hands, osugi, satoshi, sign language, wings
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