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The Royal Cupcake
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behold! i have finally submitted a new piece of art! isn't she cute? natalya is covered in cupcakes! i decided to make her hair curly because i wish i had long curly hair, mine is limp, thin, and short.
this is for the "draw your style" contest! of course lolita, but this time with cupcakes! why? because last weekend i bought a cupcake ring at an anime convention and now i adore cupcake jewelry!
originally i had wanted her dress to be black with cupcakes instead of cream with cupcakes but i couldn't find a print! btw, the cupcake print is from, but i edited the colors. speaking of colors, i tried to add a more unique color scheme rather than being all cream and pink or all cream and purple.
aw... now that i think about it, i should've had her eating a cupcake with frosting on her face! that would've been cute but oh well.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
, cherry, chibi, cream, cupcake, curly, cute, frilly, frosting, gingham, green, hime, jewelry, lace, loli, lolita, natalya, pearls, pink, pretty, purple, red, rococo, shirring, sweet, white, yellow
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