animegirly2 (Fan Art Portfolio) Lovino (unfinished)

Lovino (unfinished)

This is only part of a picture I drew and am currently working on. Thus, this is not fully colored. Why are the colors so weird? That may have to do with 1 of few reasons:

1. I had limited materials since this was all worked on at school, and thus, I only used highlighters, calligraphy markers, and Crayola colored pencils to work on the coloring. lD''' LOL.

2. My scanner's a meanie.

3. My art is just going down the hill in the first place.

The answer was number 4! All of the above. Haha.

But this is Lovino. I actually have Lovino, Belgium, Irobun (nicovideo singer who is FABULOUS, btw) and Utabun (Irobun's partner in crime. CB<).

However, I decided to only show part of this because I'm not done with the whole picture, and thus, I'd rather wait until I actually finish. 8D

Haha, but yes, I'm back for the time being. Senior year of high school's really kicking my bum. D:''' uuuugh. College applications plus homework. </3 Lots of it. Not fun.

On the other hand, I do want to start coming on here again from time to time because I really haven't found any art communities that I felt so close to... ;w; I mean, I'm not saying I'll be here everyday 24 hours like before (LOL) but I'll at least try to come on from time to time. c:

Hope everybody is doing well~ And I promise I'll finish a decent picture soon. >3<;;

Lovino (c) of Hidekaz Himaruya

P.S. Yes, that is Tony the alien on his socks. c: There is a significance to the black and purple stripes I chose for him along with the Tony with a tomato on his head. If anybody has looked into Irobun/Utabun stuff, then you might understand. <3

P.S.S. Sorry he has such yellow skin like an Asian but I didn't have any skin colored besides the... 2 yellow markers in my calligraphy marker set... lD'''

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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