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Wtiches Brew
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Gemu no Sekai presents:
Witches Brew
Rated PG-13
Contains mild language, violence, suggestive themes
Ren Nakamura
Mai Hinamori
Louhi Hectae*

Coming to a url near you 12.30.10**
After being pitched suddenly into Game World*** by two near-fatal accidents, Mai and Ren are finally getting used to life in their new dimension.
If only it were that easy.
Enter Louhi, newcomer to Game World, nothing special there, happens every week, except one thing,
She has no clue where she is.
She arrived in Game World with only her name, no recollection of Deaths ‘Welcome’ speech,
No idea who, or what, she is.
Mai and Ren help care for her, as they do all newbie’s who come their way, until Mai begins to notice something, strange, about this particular newbie,
Could there possibly be a witch in Game World?

*Hectae: mixed version of Hecate, Goddess of Magic
**Or whenever I want to actually make this a arc for my web comic… I like this idea :D even if I don’t explain it well
***Game World: Gemu no Sekai, alternate dimension created by Death for people lethally wounded by accident during his work (he kills off threats to humanity) originally a game, but he brought in dead souls from Earth and made Game World a actual dimension for the wounded to live in during their surgery and recovery

-when Louhi arrived-
Ren seemed oddly quiet, as if in deep thought, as they gathered food for the night, he turned to Mai, blushing deeply, and that’s when Louhi fell out of the sky.
She (Louhi)beat every opponent she faced, and even started seducing Ren in the process.
When she brings it up to Ren, he merely dismisses it, as jealously, causing Mai to storm off in a rage,
As she walked to cool down, she was attacked, her mysterious attacker only leaving behind two clues to his identity, a thick bracelet and a bag, containing intertwined silver and gold hair,
Upon seeing the evidence, Mai is convinced her attacker is Ren, who is being controlled by Louhi by her “Witches Brew”
Can Mai defeat Louhi and regain Ren?

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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