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My Style~! >:D
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For Animealways's challenge Draw Your Style Contest.

Nowww...I did it by clothing style. My style of clothes are liiike oshare kei plus k-pop style, kinda...

I like colourful clothes. But the colours in the picture look really soft on the clothes...I'm not exactly sure why I chose to use such light colours...O.o;

I guess I was tired of using such dark colours before...

The background colours...no, actually, the background I don't really like and it's not really in my style, but I wanted to do a paper-like background.

Yeahhh...so mostly the hair and clothes are my kind of style, ignore the colours..."orz

And the red eye and golden eye, that's the two colours I've always wanted my eye colours to be so if any time I draw something based on my 'style' or whatever, I MUST do that!!

And this is nobody...I got really close to making her into my new OC Natsuko...buuuut she doesn't wear those kinds of clothes...XD

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clothes, hair, hip-hop, kei, oshare, pink, style, visual
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