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so it's been awhile, and lately i've been a little lonely; missing my friends whom i haven't talked to in ages.

for instance, one of my best friend i've met here on theO, Shia.
SOB she's been busy with work and life ;m;

This kind of thing makes me miss the good old days. Not just the memories i've had with her, but with all my other friends who i haven't seen/talked to in years. Like when i moved from one state to another, which meant leaving all of my closest friends behind. I use to kept in touch with one, until they moved and changed their phone number.

buh, excuse me i'm being really emotional atm...
though seriously, i miss alot of my friends here on theO that i haven't talked to in ages

if any of them are still here, it'd be nice if we could pm each other sometime
and recall all the best of memories we had together

So just for mi chica Shia, I drew youfailedKaren!

Title was from the current song i was listening to while writing this..
lmao perfect timing Reik :/

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camp half blood, i miss you, jigoku sakura, jisa, karen valenz, pjato, tegaki, winter, xxxshiaxxx
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