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Am I Beautiful?
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:O I've had this done for a while but haven't submitted it.XD

I figured I would add it to this contest.

This is one of my OCs who is NOT part of Lost and Found (what?! Those exist?!?!).
XD She's had a couple different names in different circumstances. :)

Basically, she's a little bit of a rebel. Her dream as a child was to join the circus, so eventually she did for fun. XD Since she has a big nose, she does her trapeze routine with wings on and passes it off as "flying".
She also has a pet Quetzal!!:D

I always kind of imagined her as a reimagination of a Quetzal so I hope this works for the contest~!

So...yeah! This was taken from a REALLY old sketch actually @__@ I just fixed it some when I scanned it in!

Hope you like~

<3 Emi

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bird, girl, pretty
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