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I decided to join for shiggles
because I find it funny how bad I used to do digital

I feel kinda sick looking at that old picture, there is just notthing good I can say about it. I had NO idea what I was doing.

From a scale of 1-10, how have you improved in quality/skill?Why?

I'm gonna say 8, I say that because I still tend to rely on special tools for my coloring, but in anatomy and such as style, I think I'm pretty good, I always keep the basics of anatomy in mind like 'your foot fits perfectly between you elbow and wrist' and 'your shoulders are broad enough to hold two more heads' and stuff like that. As for quality, I think I strive hard to make my serious pieces as pleasant for everyones eyes as much as I possibly can.

How has your understanding of art techniques and such developed?

I love to look at old art from the days of renaissance, so try to do as much as I can for blending, back a few years ago I ignored it completely and just put two colrs together and called it genius. I used and abused the shine tool, it's become my worst enemy now and I try to use it as little as possible, but when I do I use it for modest touches.

What have you learned?

I learned that in digital, as well as traditional, pressure is key. I love to blend two colors together as well as I can and I love my tablets pressure sensitivity. I know that it isn't the same for everyone else but hey, it's for me, so I'm good.

What inspired you to improve?

Honestly? I live for competition, as pathetic and cliche as it sounds, I really DO want to be the very best. I know there's always gonna be someone better than me, and that's what keeps my fire burning strong!

and at one point I wanted to improve for a petty reason, just strive for compliments and let my big head swell, but that was school wise. When I reached the internet I finally got rid of that stupid reason and developed a love and passion for art itself.

Any tips for those wishing to improve themselves?

Love everything about what you do, love the pain-staking hours you take for a piece, how hard you work on it, but never, EVER stop there, don;t fool yourself and say 'this is awesome and I'll keep doing the SAME THING' and keep chanigng it up, try doing something different until your gut tells you to stop and love it for a moment. But until then, keep going and going, try never doing two things twice.

and last but not least don't ever let ANYONE say you can't improve, some people may be born with a natural talent but REAL artists WORK their butts off getting there, and in the end we always feel better about it.

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