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Superman of Earth-Two
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A black-and-white drawing I did of the Clark Kent/Superman of Earth-Two, one of the various universes that consisted the original multiverse in the main DC Comics Super-Heroes continuity.

Things to note about this character:

  • First appeared in Action Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 (Cover date: June 1938). He's also known as the "Golden Age Superman".
  • Wasn't revealed to be an Earth-Two inhabitant until Justice League of America Vol. 1 No. 73 (Cover Date: August 1969). This issue was written to add more distinction between this Superman and the Silver Age/Bronze Age Superman (the Superman who starred/co-starred in comic book issues of the 1950s through early 1980s) while resolving continuity problems. The same issue retconned the Silver Age/Bronze Age Superman to be an inhabitant of Earth-One.
  • Served as an honorary member of Earth-Two's Justice Society of America while his Earth-One counterpart was a founding member of Earth-One's Justice League of America.
  • His kryptonian name reads "Kal-L" while that of his Earth-One counterpart reads "Kal-El".
  • Represented Daily Star (a newspaper company on the Earth of Earth-Two) while his Earth-One counterpart represented his universe's Daily Planet.
  • Unlike his Earth-One counterpart (who went by the superhero name "Superboy" during his youth), he did not start his superhero career until adulthood.

4:57 PM Canada EST

Justice League of America Fan Art
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