imouto chan (Fan Art Portfolio) DWC- A Bloodied Doll

DWC- A Bloodied Doll
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This is for Hikari Mogami's Dark Woods Circus Challenge.

If you don't know what the DWC is, click here: [link].

I barely made the deadline @[email protected]

Thankfully this didn't take too long. I kinda had to make up things as I went along, so I have no clue how the final result looks compared to what would have happened if I had actually thought it out.

ANYWAYS. I chose my OC Colette. I can't take credit for the design of her lovely dress. You see, arcticwulf is sorta a genius when it comes to drawing awesome things.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't duplicate the DWC flowers >,> They're just too pretty and complicated and oh my gawd sometimes I don't even know.

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
balloons, blood, challenge, circus, colette, dark, dark woods circus, duncan, flowers, hikari mogami, imouto chan, lights, marie, oc, star, trees, vocaloid, woods
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Hikari Mogami
Dark woods Circus challenge
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