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Farewell to Summer
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High Resolution if you please!

For my besties Cherri-chan(Cherryshock) and Sayoko-chan(RSRKingdomstars)!<33 I have many of besties but these two are actually part of the circle I've known the longest here! ^^ I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!<333

FINALLY after 12849265161529512 years...LOL this was for a three part trade with them above of our KH OCs, Rika, Riiya, and Sayoko (and I decided to make them younger because I where we had to use flowers for our themes. My theme was sunflowers! EDIT: Oh and I hope you guys don't mind that I just used pencil for this! You both submitted in color so I feel like I didn't give the absolute best for this T___T

Cherri-chan's (sakura petal-themed) and Sayoko-chan's (rose-themed) parts of the trade can be found Here and Here!

I had 8 sketches for this and I didn't like all 8 of them but finally this one clicked and I really liked it! The sketch is actually pretty old(from like 3 or so months ago) so that explains some mistakes xD I thought about coloring it but for some reason pencil seemed to work better(and plus lining and coloring would have taken 281496121 years and I didn't want to spend that long considering how long I've made them both wait OTL).

I promised you guys two pics before I left for my hiatus and the first was this pic. Here's my second~ and I REALLY hope you guys like it because I really like how this one came out(despite it being slightly sketchy and somewhat experimental xD)!

Oh and Sayoko-chan, I think I already told you, but I used Sayoko's Kodomo no Hi design as an inspiration for Sayoko's design here ^^; Hope you don't mind!

I think my favorite parts to do were the hair and the giant ribbon! I went a little overboard with the sunflowers bordering the side...ehehe ^^: The shading was actually a bit difficult to do, believe it or not..but I love how it came out anyways.

So anyway...from top to bottom!

Riiya(c) Me(aragorn1014)

Done completely with 0.5 Lead mechanical pencil and quality edited in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 so you can see the pic better xD(and used it to add a brown overlay to soften the tones a bit)

I hope you guys love it! And especially you Cherri-chan and Sayoko-chan!<3 Thank you for doing this with me and I'm soooo sorry I took so long! xD
For the rest of you guys, as you know, my hiatus begins! Thank you SO much for supporting me and my decision...I promise my art won't be gone too long! I'll be back with tons of wonderful art to show you all! Take care!<33

Oh and if you fave, please add a hug while you're at it if you don't mind >.< Thanks! And if not well, that's okay LOL.

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