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Dyana and Mini Fai
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Happy Birthday Dya!!!!

Hope it's a great one. *big hug* Why did I draw this...hmm...maybe because I love the way you talk about "Mini Fai" and his cloak. ^^ Once the idea got stuck in my head, there was no going back.

Why did I attempt to color on the computer? .....because my scanner is Evil Incarnate. No. Really. It took me three times just to get the sketch on the computer, and it cut off the top. TwT Evil. So I improvised...hopefully it came out well. ^^ Oh yeah, and I think PS teamed up with it, cause for some reason, it's totally been on strike for the last two days. >_<! BUT I WIN! HA! *hides* I guess I'm just too persistent for my own good. :)

Love you lots Dya. I seriously don't know what I would've done without you there for me. Don't forget I'm always here for you too, ne? <3

comments/hugs/faves always appreciated!

Brushes: ObsidianDawn~

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dyana, dyanaanime, fae, fai d flourite, fay, flowright, support kira, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicles
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