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Consider my improvement proved
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From a scale of 1-10, how have you improved in quality/skill? Why?

2009-2010: 7 2008-2010: 10 Back in 2008 proportions was a word that wasn't in my artistic vocabulary. Since then I've learned I great deal of how to draw well.

How has your understanding of art techniques and such developed?

It has developed in every mean possible. As mention before I now understand human proportion, light and shadow, technique and more. I can now draw hands. It's funny looking back. I went from drawing plain ol' circles, to drawing mitten like hands, to actually drawing proper hands.

What have you learned?

I have learned that I am a special case. I've always thought I'm an amazing artist. Even back in 2005 when I started drawing and I was terrible! I've also learned that skill comes with time and practice.

What inspired you to improve?

The things that have inspired me are other amazing artist. As I said, I thought I was a modern Picasso when I clearly wasn't. The fact that there were artist better than me let me know that I can be better than I currently am, therefore I strove to be the best I possibly could.

Any tips for those wishing to improve themselves?

Practice. Practice, practice practice. I have been drawing almost every hour of the day for the past 5 years. It just takes time, patients and practice~! Most importantly love your art and don't give up~!

Some of you will remember the 2008 & 2009 pictures. Last year I entered an improvement challenge on here and entered with that. I saw this challenge and thought "Ooh! I could re-draw that pichu girl again~!" and so I did. Also, when I drew that picture back in 2009 I said in the description that the old drawing was done in 2007. I think it was actually done in 2008 because it was drawn in my old 2007 art book, so I couldn't of drawn it in 2007. I think. There are still many problems I come across when I draw. I don't like the way I draw eyes and hair. Hopefully by 2011 I'll have them sorted out. I've decided to make this drawing an annual thing~!

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