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So it's the second to last day of summer vacation, and I figured I could find all the sketches I've done over the last couple months and smash them together. I present to you all my BBC Sherlock doodles!

Gah, Cumberbatch! Your hair! *shakes fist* I found it very hard to draw. The first time it wasn't curly enough, then it was too curly, so I need to find the right amount of curl, I guess (especially since I signed up to be an artist on the Sherlock Big Bang on LJ >_>; ). I think my favorite doodle out of all of them is the big John one where he's all srs. PJ!Sherlock came out pretty good too.

I'll probably do a proper (read: something that wasn't doodled in ten minutes) Sherlock piece at some point, because I love it to bits and it's hard to stop drawing it.

If you haven't seen Sherlock already, shame on you I can't recommend it enough! It's fantastic. <3 Go watch it. Right now. This instant.

Sherlock Holmes Fan Art
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