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The Original Starters
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X3 yush~ my favorite pokemon out of the traditional 150 are the opriginal starters.

It was so hard to choose between all of them so I like playing Yellow Version to always get all three, plus my other favorite pokemon Eevee, Vulpix, Growlithe, Cubone, and Pikachu :3 I also have many other favorites but it's so hard to choose between all of them.

:/ *sighs* This looks so screwed up... I like it much better in real life when I did my 5-minute Doodle Chibi Style (I have different chibi styles, more or less I like using this style on animals because you can put in multiple details without it looking too much like nothing adding to that, it's cute X3)

The thing that really bugs me is most of the color came out way too light due to the scanner... but I suppose I could've colored a little darker... But the reason I didn't was to blend in the colors for bulbasaur mainly.

:3 people at school really like this due to its color and cuteness. And I can say I'm quite proud of it ^^ I'm working on another similar to this... and I also have to draw another for someone... but I might do another of legendary pokemon :3... But I also have to work on some banner sketches for Japanese club... Sorry I also haven't been posting up any art... I've just been really busy, but I hope to post a lot more when I get out of some block too...

Hope you all like it :3

If you Fav, PLEASE Hug too
:3 Comments appreciated and thanks in advance

Pokemon Fan Art
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