Raindrop23 (Fan Art Portfolio) The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy
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One of my 5 summer projects for AP Drawing this year... I was supposed to illustrate one of my favorite myths/Bible stories/fairy tales/legends, but I couldn't think of my favorite. So I just decided to see what I could have the most fun with, and that's where I got this idea! No one ever said what the Tooth Fairy looked like, so I took some liberties. :) Here's my invented backstory on why this little guy does what he does:

The Tooth Fairy, frequently replacing his old and nasty teeth with new baby ones. Because he's got children's teeth, it's only logical that he's got a freaking hefty sweet tooth. Teeth. Whatever.

Sooner or later (usually sooner), his teeth rot out from too many candies and cakes and deliciosities, and he goes on the hunt for more baby teeth!

And so the cycle ensues.

So yup! That's my tooth fairy. I still have a lot lot lot of tweaking and cleaning up to do on this piece, but I figure I'd upload it, because at my critique in class today, everyone freaked out enough, haha. I'll upload it later when I get a chance to clean it up.

Ciao, and I really hope everyone's school/college is hitting off to a great start!

Media: PSCS4.
Time: 5-6 hours.
Inspiration: This video + its music! (I love you and I miss miss miss you Jun Seba)

edit //

AAAAHHH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! 3rd spot on today's fanart page?!?!? I'm serious every time that I say thank you thank you thank you so freaking much for all the hugs and faves and the support!!! I love you guys so much!!!!! <33333333333

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