RickHunter33 (Fan Art Portfolio) Thundercraker, Seeker No More

Thundercraker, Seeker No More
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Based on the style i absolutely love I did this tribute to my favorite Transformers artist, Don Figueroa.

A little background:

Thundercracker stopped a nuke from destroying the autobots and humans because he believed it was not a honorable weapon and that the humans were never worthy adversaries in the first place. So TC takes the Nuke up into space and blew it up, apon returning to earth, Skywarp appeared behind TC calling him a traitor, and he shoots TC down. During the two years that the humans start tracking down the autobots and decepticons, who are scattered and in hiding, TC learned and his sense of things about the planet earth changed. Finally a rag tag group of cons found him, and repaired him and turned him into the shiny new Thundercracker i have drawn and colored.

So, Thundercracker is no longer a seeker, Starscream (to the right) I had to actually design but think how Don Figueroa would do it :) he really is my favorite Transformers artist ^^

and just cause it's Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, I dedicate this to Axel Alloy, my fellow friend and Transformers obsessor, but mainly Starscream and the Seekers Obsessor ;)

Transformers Fan Art
don figueroa, seekers, thundercracker, transformers
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