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I wasn't planning on submitting this ever... but there is a self portrait contest so why not xD

I made this picture for my drawing final for the end of first semester.. so about december i made it. The minimum size it could be was 3 ft by 3ft o_o so this thing is freaking huge.

I made mine 3ft by 4ft. I wanted my self portrait to be more vertical instead of a square. I think we were supposed to spend like 20+ hours on the project.. i think i spent about 10 o_o; woops..


So yeah here's a close up:

Here's the whole image:
This one is kinda distorted because i couldnt get a shot of it straight on.. i had it laying on the floor and there was no way i was getting it to hang on the wall ._.


So instead of using the larger image i took a picture of it inbetween the close up and the whole image, so here it is ^_^

The only main issue i have with it is that the face is too long, i made my nose wayyy too long T_T; oh well.. good enough for me.


Done with charcoal, plz comment/fav/hug ^^


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Self-portrait (:
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