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a submission for the naruto oc challenge: done with SAI and Photoshop

in this "clip" he turned towards Naruto and the others threatening them to leave 'his' forest

weapon choice: Sword(Shirogane) / Kunai
jutsu type: Genjutsu- Vanishing Wolf Kaleidoscope Mirage
Taijutsu- Divine 8 Pillars of Claws
Kekkei Genkai- Divine Ember Of the Vengeful Spirit

Nataku is a missing- nin from Konoha village. He came from a prominent ninja clan which existed along the time of Madara's Uchiha Clan and the First and Second Hokage's Clan.He was a prodigy ninja who became a jounin at a very young age.

During his 10th birthday, his clan revealed that he is the container of the vengeful beast that plagued their clan for generations. Inside his body lived a powerful and fearsome Inugami named Shirogane. His father admitted that the elders told him to kill Nataku but disobeyed them. Though a fuin jutsu( sealing jutsu) had been casted on Nataku, the Inugami's chakra still seeps through.

Nataku knew along that something's different about him, due to his skills and the attitude of the elders towards him.He kept it a secret to his team until things turned wrong when the Inukami took over him and went on a rampage, killing his best friend and teamate in the process.Shocked for what he'd done, he ran away from Konoha and seek refuge in a forest of the land of Fire, never to be seen again, until Naruto and his team came across him.

He acts coldly and distant towards Naruto and always say that "Konoha is just his birthplace and nothing more..."
Will Naruto become his friend?

Naruto Fan Art
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