Wakusei Aoshi (Fan Art Portfolio) Dark Woods Circus

Dark Woods Circus

This is my entry for Hikari Mogami's 'Dark woods Circus challenge'.

Ummm...that song was about mutant people in a circus being tortured and stuff...? And how they're supposed to be MUTATED and I did mutate my character...O.o Maybe I should've but he seems creepy enough...Or...they...O.o

I don't know if I should call him HIM or THEY because there's two of him, one normal and one small.

This is my really strange OC born from my random sketches that I decided I liked and he enters my dreams several times...Really weird...He's like an android doll thing and doesn't speak and carries around a mini version of himself, though his miniature version talks and moves around...more like he's the puppet and his mini version if the puppeteer. Yepp...strange OC...O.o

I had fun with this! XD It was in such a sketchy style I could just play around! XD

And since we're supposed to put in some lyrics of the song I did...Since he actually doesn't have any eyes...O.o I put in that part, and since he looks happy I put in that extra stuff about the circus being fun...O.o

Well, enjoy! XD

(Sorry for the bad quality, but the file size was really big for some reason...O.o)

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Dark woods Circus challenge
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