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this is part of my "cute" series! since i haven't drawn elodie in a while i decided to make her first! the outfit was inspired by the brand angelic pretty and artwork from imai kira. mignonne is feminine french for cute, btw.

should i change elodie's hairstyle from plain pigtails to these curly ones?
also, does her hair look purple or blue? my sister said purple but i tried to make a gray-blue color.

I began drawing when I lived up north, where I first encountered anime. I was around 7 or 8 years old.
At first I tried to imitate the general anime style, it wasn't until I was in sixth grade that I began to copy the style of Koge Donbo. Pita~Ten was my first ever manga, and I would always copy. You can still see some similarities between my art and Koge Donbo's. I get alot of my inspiration from Imai Kira these days.
My style of art has changed alot over the years, but its usually stuck with big eyes, big heads, and frilly clothes.
There is always room for improvement but I love my style! I wouldn't change it, though there are a few things I would work on like poses, backgrounds, feet, male characters, and over all proportions.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
, angelic pretty, blue, boots, corset, cute, elodie, ero, french, frill, green, lace, loli, lolita, loogaroo, mint, pastel, pink, ribbons, ruffles, series, spikes, sweet, top hat, white
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