natisaku (Fan Art Portfolio) Fang doesn't smile; he smirks

Hey, Otakus! It's been awhile since I last submitted art; sorry about that. Maybe this will make up for it a little bit.

I thought about coloring it, but I think it looks best this way. Maybe I'll color it sometime in the future.

James Patterson is the author of the Maximum Ride series, so he created Fang.

And a person whose name I do not know created this picture of Fang [click!]. It looks an awful lot like the manga--which means the picture would be by NaRae Lee--but I'm not certain. Anyway, I used parts of their hair style and wing formation, but added my own touches here and there.

Basically, Fang is Max's--the main character's--best friend. They were genetically mutated on, and have 98% human cells, 2% Avian bird cells; so, they have wings and can fly. Pretty sweet stuff, but they're also expected to save the world, and they're only kids. Yeah . . . lot of pressure.

So, Fang is a pretty mellow guy. Quiet, hardly shows emotion. If he does smile, it's pretty much a smirk.

I dedicate this to everyone!!! Feel the love!! ^-^

And tell me what you think. :)

*Saku Chan

Maximum Ride Fan Art
black, fang, maximum ride, white
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