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Watanabe Yoshiki
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I am extremely sad to say that Here is Greenwood is NOT on the anime/manga list. This is one of my favorite manga/live actions/anime of all times, and I'm probably the first person to post for it here. Such a sad shame, but I guess that's what you have to deal with since it's an older manga. I personally love the old style manga, the art itself is wonderous. Beyond words, I dare say. So, if you don't know what Here is Greenwood (aka Ko ko wa Greenwood,) is, go read it. NOW. Or go watch the live action version. It's my absolute favorite live action. Splendid job. Anywhos, so onto the art away from the rant. This is a year old now... It was my first shot with photoshop and my tablet, and I had no idea what-so-ever about what I was doing. In fact, I still don't. But that's besides the point. This was my version of Watanabe in a Sailor suit as done in Here is Greenwood for the school festival. Watanabe is my favorite character along with Fujikake. Please, read volume 2 for their story. Although Mitsuru does blackmail them from page 71 in volume 1. Haha, I love them.

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