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Turn out the lights
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I’m alone. Always.
The pressure of upholding my family’s name on my own is too much. I can’t take it.
My eyes sear with pain. I can’t see anything anymore. It’s dark. Too dark. How could I be so stupid? I’ll never see again. Trapped in this awful darkness. There’s a tickling sensation on the back of my neck. I reach up and touch it, smearing my neck with my blood. Suddenly, I hear someone’s voice. It’s like it’s coming from inside my head. Such a soft, velvety voice. It makes me feel safe.
“Nathaniel… do you want to be alone forever?”
“No!” I whisper.
“Make a covenant with me then, Nathaniel. I will be by your side until the day you die.”
“Until I die? Really?”
“Yes. Do you want to be alone forever?” The voice repeats softly, sympathetically.
“No… NO!” I shout, and a sharp pain shoots down my neck. It feels like fire is burning into my skin, burning a strange circle shape. I feel like an animal being branded with an iron.
Then, I black out.

Name: Nathaniel Fitzgerald
Age: 15
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Red
Info: The only child of an important businessman. Nathaniel was involved in a carriage accident when he was 12. Both of his parents died, and he became the head of his family. He was under so much pressure with running the family business that he had a mental breakdown and stabbed himself in the eyes, causing him to go blind. He spiralled into despair and made a covenant with Andante in hope that he would never be alone again. His Mark of the Covenant is on the back of his neck.

Name: Andante (Last name unknown)
Age: ?
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Dark green
Info: Not much is known about Nathaniel Fitzgerald’s butler. He often uses the phase ‘Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind.’ And answers his Master with ‘Of course, Master’ or ‘Yes, Master’. He is extremely loyal. His Mark of the Covenant is on the palm of his right hand.
He is said to be a hell of a butler.

This is my entry for the 'Kuroshitsuji :D' challenge!
I'm seriously considering writing a story about Nathaniel and Andante now... :D

Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
andante, black butler, kuroshitsuji, nathaniel, nathaniel fitzgerald, oc, original characters
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Kuroshitsuji :D
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