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Chibi Mascot
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This is my entry for wolf of sorrow's challenge 'Design Love[Asia]Music's Mascot!'

I feel weird posting it so early! TT^TT I don't even know what I was doing...and I don't even know if this was the kind of mascot they were looking for. If it's not and this one doesn't win, then I'm gonna use her! XD

I tried to combine every Asian fashion style that I could so as to not make it look too Kpopish or too Jpopish or too Mandopopish or too Cantopopish...

I'm afraid it looks too Jpopish, though! TT^TT I used 4minute, Alan, and Ayumi Hamasaki for clothing reference, but Alan does mandopop and tibetan pop, but she mostly does Jpop (since she works for a Japanese company), but I don't think that changed the style of clothes that she wore...It's still tibetan/mandopop-ish.

And shiny big eyes are overrated! I prefer black dots or just coloured dots in eye shapes! X3 So, yes, this is my kind of chibi...Though I'm not sure if she's chibi enough to be a mascot...O.o I dunno if they even wanted a human mascot...O.o

Well, she's the first thing that came to mind when I saw their new logo thingy (which is adorable...<333).

Also, since I think mascots need names and personalities and what-not to be even more lovable I gave her a few thingies. I named her Mimiki ('cause it sounds like it could be from anywhere).

Mimiki likes coconuts and creamy milk. She likes to wear random accessories. She enjoys listening to any kind of Asian music.

O.o...I just realized that she's a lot like Momoko Tsugunaga from Buono!....O.o I mean, her name is just like Momoko's except all the o's are replaced with i's...And she is wearing Buono!-ish clothes...O.o Umm...that was totally by accident and I didn't notice that until now! TT^TT

Oh, well, enjoy! X3

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Design Love[Asia]Music's Mascot!
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