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Fight or Freedom
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Drew this up for the day.

July 4th 1775
We stood outside of town upon hearing that the british troops have been seen in a scrable with town militas near by. Under eqiupped with weapones, ammo and man power. We feared the worst, but not of death nor destruction but of our familys and friends. The air was high with heat as looked into the direction of distant pops of rifles. I looked down at my own rifle, very crude mock up of matchlock. Then i turn to my men, comprised of three men. A farm boy who was an eye with rifle. A thick skin town merchant who happend to have a rifle and a negro who left the southern part of the colonies in search of a better life but only ended up finding a rifle with a will to survive.
Inhaling a smoke, i could only imagine what four country men could do against a vast and trained Red coat army that rampage through out the colonies. Rumor spread that the war might be over by next year, but the fight continues with no end in sight. For us wether be farmers, slaves, merchents or family men, we only have the earth at our feet and the sky to tell our stories and sacrifice.

Armen Jacob 1775

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america, independence day, july 4th
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