smartanimegirl (Fan Art Portfolio) Her Protectors ~Dream Paradise~

Her Protectors ~Dream Paradise~
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This took me so long to color!!! @[email protected]
But yay, I'm done.
Plus, I was working on this through Hypercam so you guys can watch me color it.

Video link: Coloring - "Her Protectors ~Dream Paradise~"


Yay, here's a better picture of Ike, Kaine and I.
I've left this uncolored on my computer for like two-three weeks...
I wanted to get it colored, but there was the end of the school year and senior graduation stuff going on. D:

Anyway, so it's complete and--WOW, I think I overdid myself with this piece...

Basically, I was aiming for a place that Nadeshiko (otherwise me) dreams up a place in her dream world and this was one of those places.
I like the aristocrat/gothic/lolita looks so that was also thrown in there to make it look rather elegant.

I love the contrast colors on my boys. Have you noticed?
White on Kaine for dream, black on Ike for reality. x3

Also, Ike-kun's holding my hand because he's representing as my Protector of Reality.
Kaine would have had his fingers running through the strands of my hair to represent he being my Protector of Dream for creativity and dreaming of the mind, but too late... xP

Doesn't matter, I still love the two.


It's been fun lately creating my own dreams and controlling what happens.
Lately, I've been taking the place to Persona. XD

Hope you guys enjoy.


Ike (c) darkfallenblade
Kaine & Nadeshiko (c) smartanimegirl

Brushes Used (c) Celestial-Star & Obsidian Dawn

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
aristocratic, boys, branches, dream, elegant, flowers, girl, gothic, her protectors ~dream paradise~, ike katayama, kaine skylar, leaves, nadeshiko masayume, protectors, tree
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