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Hi again!

This was gonna be for a contest, but as usual i procrastinated and couldnt submit. T.T oh well. i think i did pretty well.

This was my first attempt at editing a little on Photoshop. Nothing huge, just some effects and touch-ups. =]

Description timee! :D haha. The guy on the left is, as you can see, named Lucifer Jr. 21 years old. He's the son of Lucifer and his mother is a sinner. So basically he's a bastard child. xD But he's the son of the devil so he is proud of that. He's also part dragon, hence the wings.

The girl on the left is named Grimmy. She's 19 years old. She's a fallen angel, and is the Grim Reapers "apprenctice". She pretty much does the same stuff he does. But sometimes she kills people on a whim, which is why her scythe is bloodstained. She's kind of like Junior's brother. (i dont know why she has a tail, but i thought it would look cool if she did and they wrapped them together like that xD)

I'll be uploading close-ups soon, but since i can only upload 3 works in 24 hours (bah.) im going to upload another one too. Happy Otakuing!


PS that was like the longest description ive ever done xD im pretty proud of that.

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demon, fallen angel
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