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Emi's Favorite Things!
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I kept having ideas for this and then losing them D: So this is not exactly as I planned, but still cute, right? :3

Favorite Things that I incorporated:

-Favorite Colors: Pink, Teal, Orange
-Curly Hair
-Horizontal Stripes (I know it makes you look fat but I love them XD I have so many shirts...)
-Poofy Skirts
-Cute Shoes (especially high heels)
-Bandaids (I collect them!!)
-Bubble Tea (Green Tea in this one..DELISHUS!)
-Fennec Fox (My favorite Animal)
-Japanese (My second major (I wrote "Japanese" on her arm since I write on my arm a lot XD))
-Fish!! (Especially Gold fish and Koi)
-Poetry (My first major is English.:) I put one of my favorite poems by my favorite poet, Emily Dickinson)
-Music/Big Headphones (I ADORE my pair of big pink headphones, and I have often been called a "Music whore" for collecting music :D)
-Multi-Strand Necklaces
-Rubberband bracelets (I'm addicted to the shaped ones that are popular right now!!! :D :D :D)
-Wings (I've always been obsessed with girls with wings - some of my favorite books involve them - and I hope to get a wing tattoo someday)
-Pigtails ( I wear my hair in pigtails a lot and I think they are always cute)

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angel, band aids, bows, bubble tea, emi, fish, fox, goldfish, headphones, japanese, music, orange, pink, poetry, pokemon, ringlets, teal, wings
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"My Favorite Things..."
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