Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) Character Design: Conus

Character Design: Conus

Yay for last minute contest entries! Again.

So, this is my character, Conus, from my own original story, The Rebels of Planet Aadau. It takes place on a planet called Aadau. *Shot.* The first chapter is posted online, but I'm not linking to it because (1) it's full of typos and is undergoing a rewrite, and (2) Conus doesn't even appear in the first chapter, which is all I have posted. I think he's introduced in, like, the seventh or eighth chapter.

Conus is not the main character, but he does play a crucial role in the story. He meets the main character (whose name is Meh-Eh-Au) and tells him some information that makes the story do a 180. I can't really elaborate, because that would contain spoilers. And a really long summary of what happens up until that point. Which also means more spoilers.

There are two reasons why I picked Conus for this Challenge. First, I really like the character. Second, I won a previous Challenge and my prize was a drawing of my original character fighting someone from one of the "Super Smash Bros" games. So, that gave me an excuse to draw him.

Just in case you can't read the text, I'll re-post it here.

Conus from The Rebels of Planet Aadau (art and story by Keba Si Rota)

-Looks like a dog-human hybrid, but isn't related to either species.
-Expression is usually serious/angry. He rarely smiles.
-Ears extend past shoulders.
-Has yellow fur.
-Wears pants for some reason. I just picture him that way.
-Electricity flows through his tail.
-Stands on hind legs most of the time. This is supposed to be forbidden, but Conus is a rule-breaker.
-Left ear is slit. He got it from a beating.
-Very smart, but very impatient with slow learners.
-Has sharp teeth-- and a temper!
-Paws have opposable thumbs.
-Wears bandages that tie weights to his body.
-Pants legs cover the bandages.

This picture was made in pencil and colored pencils on sketch paper.

Please don't steal this picture and/or the character and/or the character concepts and claim them as your own! If you do, I will find you. Dun, dun, dun!

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