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School Year Sketches
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School is finally over~ I tend to doodle a lot during school, so these are some of my favorite sketches from my note books and such.

1 is a sketch of Akiko Shikata I did for my photoshop class.
2 is Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden. You can see some of my math homework thar. I draw most of the time in math cuz it's so boring D:
3 is Le Petit Prince from this French story my friend was reading. It's about a shota prince from the stars that falls in love with a rose XD
4 is Taiga from Toradora
5 is a design for Gretel from Hansel and Gretel. I plan to make a Hansel and Gretel theme backpack for next year.
6 is Anemone from Eureka Seven eating some Jam :3
7 is Loki from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
8 is my math teacher...when she was liek 12 O_o
9 is Coraline from Coraline. I really liked this movie~ I dressed up as her for Halloween.
10 is some girl in my German class.
11 is a picture of a Tart for photoshop class.
12 is me being a fruit cake because everyone calls me a fruit cake D:
13 is America from Hetalia
14 was suppose to be Ichigo or hollow Ichigo, but I think I messed up on the hair.
15 is a doodle in math class. She's teaching the bunny the alphabet >u>
16 Is main chara from Black Bird... I don't remember her name.
17 is my design for Hansel.

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