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...sans snot. I was trying to work on lighting with this study, but my liquid-light was absolutely horrific (especially withe the hands showing underneath?! Yeesh!), so I'm deciding to save that for another endeavor. :) For now, have... Hands? Haha.

I've been lurking here a little bit in the past few days, but most of my time has been spent training my Pokemans. I restarted Sapphire a few days ago (after years of not touching it), and have been addicted ever since. In the last 4 days, I've clocked in 19 hours, evolved numerous Pokemans, obtained 5 Gym Badges, and caught 40 Pokemans. It may seem kind of sad, but because all of my friends are busy busy bees, I have absolutely nothing to do around here except tan, exercise, and play Pokemon. Being lazy, I choose a combination of doors 1 and 3 (with a hint of 2, of course).

I digress! While making this piece, I studied Sam Nielson's notes on light... my interpretation may be a little lackluster though. But as they say, practice makes perfect, right? So practice I shall... after I get Sceptile to level 50. :)

2 hours?
Robot Boys

PS: Screw art, I'm going into pop-locking.

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