HelloKatty (Fan Art Portfolio) Go Cisqua!!

Go Cisqua!!
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"OH MY GEORGE WASHIGTON!! A NEW FANART FROM KATTY? FINALLY!!" bwahawaha! thats what u guys are thinking right?! XD did all ya miss me?! lolz sorry for not submiting new art in like FOREVER!! i feel bad about that! i haven't submited anything cause our scanner was "broken"....but it wasn't broken! our desktop crashed and i couldn't scan cause our laptops couldn't connect with the scanner...but i just learned that my Dad's laptop can connect with the scanner. SO YAY!! I CAN SCAN NOW!! KATTY'S BACK AND BADDER THAN EVER!! >8D

ok now to talk about my master piece! yup, my first attemp at drawing Cisqua from Elemental Gelade! and i must say i am very pleased with how it came out! it took me 7 hours to draw. looks like my hard work payed off! i'm more confident in my abilities now! i had total confidence while drawing this and it came out great in mu opinion! the only thing i'm not to happy about is that her left arm looks weird its suppost to look as if its far away. am i the only one that thinks it looks weird? also my scanner pissed me off! the scanner killed the quality! it made it look smudgy! but my sister says it looks fine and i agree! its still an awsome pic! :)

OMG!! CISQUA'S HAT IS EPIC!! POOFIE HATS ARE EPIC!! i had so much fun drawing her hat! XD LMAO!! i love Cisqua's hat! XD

lolz i took a shot at shading her cloths! i used a lemon yellow prisma colored pencil. i think i did good with the shading! >w< lolz i also love the way her eye came out! XD

but anywho! exspecy more drawings from me! i'll be trying to draw i pic a day but i won't be able to scan and submit them right away...Dad ish stingy! >.>

OH OH!! almost forgots! i dedicate this to my favorite Otaku here and my best friend xAngelWings! Angel's Drawing really opened my eyes and inspired me to draw again! she is a wonderful artist! if u haven't seen her drawing then go look on her profile! its awsome! well i hope u like it Angel! u say u always love my art! that makes me happy! u brought back my will to draw! i'm going to draw more and improve my skills just for you! :)

well enjoy everyone! i think this is my best yet! :3



Elemental Gelade Fan Art
ark aile, cisqua, edel raid, elemental gelade, fighter
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